Communication Skills

We, human beings are social animals. We are interdependent on each other and therefore, being an effective communicator is an invaluable skill at work as well as for life. Our Communications workshop includes -

Personal Effectiveness

Being clear of who we are, what our needs & goals are, are important to drive towards one’s success. So is having a healthy self-esteem. When you are at your effective best, YOU drive life, instead of the other way. Our PE workshops help you make choices that add meaning to your life.

Interpersonal Skills

Inter-personal skills are the behaviours and tactics a person uses to interact with others effectively. Our IP skills tells us on how well we can work with others in producing win-win solutions for all.

Corporate Skills

There is a huge skill gap between what the Institutions offer & what the Industry needs. Our “Campus to Corporate” program is a holistic workshop that bridges this gap and is aimed at developing professionals who can deliver at the business world from day one.

Mental Health

Mental health encompasses emotional, psychological and social well-being. It can determine how we handle ourselves, our relationships & our overall lives. In today’s era of hyper-connectedness, we are more than ever, lonely, causing several mental health issues that slowly erode our quality of lives, if left un-treated. “What is Health without Mental Health?”

Happy Parenting

Parenting is the process of promoting & supporting all the developmental needs of a child to becoming an adult. As much as a parent wants to give a good start to their kids’ lives, there are challenges and doubts on how to go about doing it, especially with the changing world. Our workshop helps in giving tools to parent’s issues and parenting in a gentle way.



“There is just one life - live it to the fullest. Get in touch to know how you can live more meaningfully.”