Risha Balamurugan

One the best session I have ever attended. Especially those fun Fridays. That was really a good concept

Nivethitha Sethuraman

The session was good and I had learned a lot from this session. Offline classes were more interesting and interactive than online classes.

Allwin Sangeetha Pious Ravikumar

It's very helpful mam. Especially, I have learnt so many things from you mam and Those "Offline classes" made me STRESS-FREE and HAPPY :) :) :)

Priyadarshini Thayumanavar

It was too good . It's very useful to me how we plan, organize the work . I really enjoyed the work

Mohamed lmthiyaj Sadhik Batcha

One of the Interesting and Excellent session

Sarath Kumar Subramanian

excellent sessions

Saran Tamil Selvan

"Thank you for a great Training. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative".

Deeoan Rai Gooal

Good Mam

Ajith Mariya!

I like all session. It helps me to improve a lot. Thankyou

Jannath Nisha Mohamed Iqbal

It was more effective .i learned more things

Aron Gilberts Rajamanickam

Thanks for the wonderful session Ramya. one of the best sessions of my life and, I learn a lot of things 'i.il' i.il' i.il

Kavyanjali Ramachandran

mam, your sessions really helped me a lot in knowing new people, talking to new people ,make friends and to made a clarity about what we are and how we should be .learning these important life skill in a enjoyable manner is the great thing about your workshop mam. It's good that we met in person for some classes. i really enjoyed that sessions mam really missing those sessions. hoping to meet you again soon. thank you mam

Sowmiya Ashok Kumar

One of the Effective and Interesting session. I learned lot of things from this soft skill session. Thank for this wonderful session

Shanthini Packirisamy

The Session is very and more effective .The session made lots of good changes in me.

Sathiya Narayanan Selvaraj

I have learned a lot from your session, you give me a four activities in one - one session I realised it will more help to me and i understand my self and my need ,really i need this activity it will change my behavior Thanks a lot mam thankyou very much ……. Sathiya Narayanan

Dhinesh Kumar

I like the session, it helps me to improve lot of new things.

Kailashprabhu Dhatchinamoorthi

mam. I really like your session. it was too good .

VimalRaj Sankar

Training was very effective and interactive. earned many things through fun activity.

Santhosh Kumar Sanjay Kumar

The session was too good . Its very useful to me to improve my self. The session was to interactive with lots of fun and with lots of knowledge. The one on one session was useful to me to rectifying my mistakes. thanking you @

Mohanakannan Sakthivel

The classes are very good.• In the one-month soft skills classes, literally my shyness went away.• I'm feeling good with my communication. • You are one of the people I met at the right time at the right place.• Thank you, Ramya.

Kailashprabhu Dhatchinamoorthi

mam the session was really good.

Aysvarya Ganesan

Really very effective training, strongly helpful for self-development, and also helps to lead a good mental health lifestyle by applying the knowledges I have gained through this training in my day to day life

Saran Tamil Selvan

"Thank you for a great training. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative."

Dhinesh Kumar

It's helps me to get more improved

Nila Rajendran

soft skills session was the only excellent and effective session which I enjoyed . I really missed not being at office when you came up on board. i learned a lot of things and you turned out to be my role model mam.


We never felt bored for a single second in this workshop. 😃 We will remember this awesome workshop forever. This workshop build a lot of things in myself. We all love this workshop. 🥰 We all wish that this workshop maybe go long. But unfortunately today is our last day of our workshop.😔 We are very lucky students who got wonderful teacher just like you. 😊 Thanks a lot Ramya Ma'am.🙏🙏 Please accept our deepest thanks.🙏🙏



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